Data analyst, avid learner, connector, problem-solver

Hi, I’m Linda Rollins.

I'm a Denver based data analyst.

Former project/program coordinator, I am an organized and skilled problem-solver that is always aspiring for continuous improvement. I love learning new analytical skills and being able to better anticipate needs, solve complex problems, and identify opportunities is what drew me to the data analytics field.

I enjoy building collaborative partnerships and am experienced in providing data tools and analysis tailored to stakeholder needs. I'm looking to fully transition to a data analytics career where I can connect people, ideas, and analytics to innovate and find data-driven solutions.

Interested in working together or want to talk analytics? Send me a message and let’s connect!

US Residential Energy Consumption Analysis
Instacart Basket Analysis

Exploratory and predictive analysis of US residential energy consumption data using Python visualization and machine learning libraries.

Rockbuster Revenue Analysis
man using black remote controlman using black remote control

Analysis of purchasing behaviors of Instacart customers for market segmentation using Python and Jupyter Notebook.

Database querying using PostgreSQL to analyze revenue trends for a movie rental company.


white ceramic mug on white table beside black eyeglasseswhite ceramic mug on white table beside black eyeglasses
Influenza Season Analysis

Statistical analysis and visualization of US influenza death rates and vulnerable populations using Excel and Tableau.

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